Big Flash - Small Flash: A Photo Seminar

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A week ago, we hosted a photography seminar on the ins and outs of flash photography. We discussed the pros and cons of using small flash as compared to big studio strobes. The session was sponsored by the GMA employees’ cooperative care of Mr. Joey Padilla and Mr. Vernon Jacela. Special thanks also goes out to Mr. Frank Tsai of Aperture trading for lending us the Rimelite i4 and the Fame 250 along with the necessary light modifiers. Aperture’s product manager, Mr. Jhong Dizon gamely showed the participants features of the Rimelite moonlights and gave suggestions regarding various lighting set-ups. 

We started out using one light set-ups and then we gradually added reflectors and secondary lights. The participants also tried out shooting using only small flashes with soft boxes as well as shooting with only a reflector to light our subjects. Special thanks to Ms. Ira Patricia Marasigan and Mr. Benjie Olfindo for being our subjects. :) For details of the Rimelite products we used, you may check out

This photo was taken with the Rimelite i4 on camera right and a reflector on camera left.
ISO 200, 5.6, 1/125,  105mm lens on D700

Shot with an off-cam flash with a soft box.
ISO 200, 5.6, 1/125,  105mm lens on D700