ROS + LET (Wedding Slideshow)

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Saturday was a first of many for us. First of the firsts is Ros & Let’s wedding because it is the team’s first coverage for 2012. Second of the firsts is our experience shooting at the Mary the Queen Parish in Fairview, Quezon City. Third of the firsts is our first time at the Brittany Subdivision Clubhouse, also in Fairview.

The day went extremely well and I have never seen a couple as hard working as Ros & Let. They really wanted the day to be perfect and for us, it was. The pictures reflect how happy we are for them and how happy they are as a couple and as a family with cute little Cheska. It was a very special experience for us to be part of one of the most memorable days of their lives and that is definitely not a first for us.

Here’s the on-site photo slideshow the team prepared for Ros & Let. We’ll post more photos later...