One from Our Tribe

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As a group of photographers, we are like a family with each member having his or her own quirks. We may or may not agree with what the ideal subject is when it comes to photography and we may or may not agree on what the best camera there is for shooters. In short, we may or may not agree about anything and everything.

When it comes to offering a helping hand to one another though, I guess all family members from this wacky tribe agree on one thing - it should be done with no questions asked!

Last month, we did an engagement shoot for one of our tribe mates who was a groom-to-be. The venue for the shoot was the Fully Booked main store at the Global City. As expected, the “family” came full force to extend a helping hand (or lens) to the couple. Special thanks goes out to Paul Ticzon of The Attic Studios for the beautiful Save-the-date video he shot along with Erwin Tolentino and Cromwell Torio. Many thanks is also due to Jo Ticzon of Benefits Salon for the bride’s wonderful make-up.

Here are some of the photos from the engagement shoot...