BALLOONS to the RESCUE! The Gilbert and Malen Engagement Shoot

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We usually do our engagement shoots (more popularly known as prenup shoots here in Manila) outdoors because of the natural light. Add to that the endless possibilities offered by various locations within a location.
So why did we shoot indoors for this one? Well, the bride-to-be insisted that we do the shoot in the confines of a studio because she does not feel comfortable posing in public. A second consideration was the weather. It has been raining hard for the past week leading to the shoot day so I guess it was a reasonable choice.
Since the couple’s motif for their wedding will be black and white circles, we decided to shoot the prenup based on that. We prepared a white seamless background and asked the couple to prepare black and white outfits. The main ingredient of the art design came in the form of balloons! Initially, we wanted around 200 balloons (white, black and grey) so we could fill the studio but we ended up with around 70 since it was already hard to navigate and shoot without stepping on one!
Honestly, I think the balloons did half of the job for us. It created an almost party-like atmosphere not to mention a unique visual treat. The other half of the job was done not by us, but by the lovely couple of course, who did everything we asked of them even though the bride to be was feeling under the weather.
Check out more photos from the shoot below...